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Capital Campaign

We DID it! $750,000 Capital Campaign Goal was met! Thanks for investing in the heart of our community!


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The Cordova Center is poised to benefit Cordova and Cordovans in so many ways.

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Sponsor a Theater Seat

Be a part of the Cordova Center Capital Campaign and help fund the theater by sponsoring a seat bearing a plaque with the name of your choice.

Sponsor a Seat

Invest in the Heart of the Community

In the dreams of the community for over ten years, the Cordova Center project has been a massive undertaking for the City.

Once completed, the 33,929 square foot, fully ADA accessible, multi-use facility will host the Cordova Public Library, the Cordova Historical Museum, municipal administrative offices, performance/theater spaces, and conference/meeting spaces capable of accommodating up to 200 attendees.

Rasmuson Foundation

Offers a 1:1 Matching Grant

The Rasmuson Foundation, a private family foundation dedicated to promoting a better life for Alaskans has generously offered to match the capital campaign's goal of $750,000! Learn more about this opportunity to double your investment.

"The Center will provide young families with a place to meet new friends, share local information, and build strong community relationships."
Karen Hallquist, Mother

Upcoming Events

Wed Jun 29 @12:00AM
Fiber Art
Thu Jun 30 @12:00AM
Fiber Art
Fri Jul 01 @12:00AM
Fiber Art
Sat Jul 02 @12:00AM
Fiber Art
Sun Jul 03 @12:00AM
Fiber Art
Tue Sep 20 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Alaska Power Annual Meeting
Tue Sep 20 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Alaska Power Annual Meeting
Wed Sep 21 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Alaska Power Annual Meeting
Thu Sep 22 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Alaska Power Annual Meeting
Fri Sep 23 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Alaska Power Annual Meeting
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