Jewelry through time with David Birnbaum | luxury diamonds

Why do we all love Jewelry

Jewelry has stood the test of time. From the days of Egyptian kings and queens to todays world. The precious stones have captured our hearts and everyone sees them as special things to keep close to oneself. They can be used as gifts to oneself or to best friends. They can even be used for a special someone during times of engagement and marriage. They signify something greater than just being a shiny piece of Jewelry. They represent something precious and sentimental whether for oneself or for others. They hold special value for people, just the thought of losing something such as a wedding ring can be detrimental to people. Today the Jewel market is expanding greatly as people continue to get married and more types of precious stones are customized and made. Everybody from different age ranges and income levels appreciate their sublime beauty, from the low-middle classes purchasing jewels from places such Kay Jewelry and Zale’s, to the high end people of America purchasing from private jeweler David Birnbaum. The demand has love and envy of many people.

All types of jewelry

What cultures use jewelry?

Almost every culture in the world includes it as a symbolic part of the ceremony and isn’t limited to the bride alone.  People love them because they signify some sort of class within society. It applies a feeling of superiority and high status. This is due partly because of society placing a high emphasis on these ornaments. People feel more confident when they have the stones on their finger. It’s a way to express yourself to the world, an example is women. They wear engagement rings because it’s a way to express to the world they’re getting married. They take pride in wearing art that not everyone has and is custom made by a professional. Every culture uses them as a symbol of prestige and expression.

Different types of stones you can purchase

Diamonds- Hands down the most precious off all the categories, they have stood the test of time as the most well known and recognized of all the ornaments. They have captured our imaginations and mystique for hundreds of years.

Pearls- One of the most classic of stones. They are shrouded in mystique, wealth, purity and mystery. They have come from very humble beginnings, the formation of them is what gives them such an elegant reputation. Being formed from an oyster and giving it a rich glow.

Gemstones– Another stone that has fascinated us for many years. They come in all types of shades giving us a variety to choose from.  They fit a variety of personalities, there is no color that stands above another, the glow attracts different people that wear them.

Which type should I choose?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, there is no category that is the best. This is why jewelry has such a reputation for being mysterious and beautiful at the same type. Everybody has a different personality, you must be attracted to the precious ornaments, it calls your name. When you find the right jewel for yourself, then you have been succumbed by its force that attracts everyone else. Good luck shopping and may you find that one that fits you.